Friday, February 25, 2011

The Egg Allergy Experiment from a BAD ASS MOM

Western medicine isn't always right and if I'd listened to all the advice from doctors I've had over the years, I would today have a very sick little girl. I've refused all medications for her including those whose side effects were 'chromosomal mutation', whilst being warned that if I refused, my child would neither grow, nor would her brain develop. Meanwhile, a million horrors were guaranteed to happen once she started the drugs. An easy choice for me. NO. Well, in truth, it wasn't an easy choice. It was actually a living Hell. I consulted every kind of 'doctor' on the planet and then I fell to my knees and cried out to God for help. Not to mention the fact I had just finished three months nursing my dear father to his last breath, while simultaneously nursing my newborn. My dad died when my baby was 14 weeks old. It was the lowest point in my life. I lost so much weight from worry and stress that I was a walking skeleton yet I stood up to every doctor as though my life (and hers) depended on it. Our medical chart at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, England, I'm just sure, has a giant red flag on it that says 'BEWARE: EXCESSIVELY DIFFICULT MUM'.

I actually tore my child off a hospital bed and ran to the street with her in a flurry of tears. She was due to stay a week. I ask a lot of questions, I challenge everything, but mostly, I do NOTHING that goes against my instinct as a mother. Nothing. This is the reason for this post that is pouring unexpectedly out of my veins. Instinct. A mother's instinct is supernatural and not to be silenced.

Instead of drugs, I chose the path of nutrition and an elimination diet. My child is vibrantly healthy and we've been told by the top doctors that she 'defies medical theory'.

I wasn't planning to write all that. I'm late for school and was just going to post my quick egg experiment. Perhaps the macchiato was much too much.

The diagnosis? Oh, it's only food allergies. All of that trauma above over FOOD. My oldest is severely allergic (not intolerant-she's allergic) to Milk, Eggs, Nuts, Fish, Sesame, Kiwi, Mustard, Avocado, Coconut, Banana to name a few. She's 'outgrown' wheat and soy in exchange for asthma. My little one is easy. No nuts.

What this means is, we don't eat in restaurants. If we have to, we pack a lunch. We travel with food, we BYOC to birthday parties. We eat entirely from organic and biodynamic CSA's and I'm really serious about food. BABYBEARSHOP was intended to simply be a whole foods type cookbook for allergic kids but I moved right on into skin once I knew everything there was to know about what goes in the body and how it affects the health, I had to focus then on what goes ON the body and how it affects the health.

Back to the eggs. So her RAST test to eggs is 4 out of 6 which means, don't try it unless you are in the ER. I've gone 8 years without giving her eggs but at the beginning of winter I decided I'd had enough. My child developed exercise- induced asthma during winter months and I've been reading studies about Vitamin D deficiency and asthma. Vitamin D? She's allergic to all forms of Vitamin D, as mentioned above, except the sunlight. But, there's no sun in the winter and now she has asthma....

Hmmmm.... So I have made eggs my ultimate focus for the last six months. I'm an egg connossieur. I intimately know every egg from every farm within 2 hours from my house. My experiment does not include store eggs. Not even, Whole Foods, no way. Store bought eggs don't begin to pass the test. I've cooked and baked and steamed and frozen and dehydrated eggs trying to get her not to have a reaction. A reaction includes itchy throat and vomiting if she doesn't get benadryl quickly.

Finally, I declared the White was the culprit. I separated the white and removed it. I hold the yolk in my hands and pull the white out completely. I pass the yolk from hand to hand while gently rinsing it. This must be a strong egg or it goes down the drain. This is why I only use Bugtussle Biodynamic eggs from Galamiel, KY. Every week, I buy as many as Eric will give me. We use about 10 dozen a week. So, I wash the egg until every bit of shmuck is off of it and at the last minute I pull out both little bits of umbilical cord being careful not to pop the egg. If it pops, I drop it into the pan. My daughter is eating four egg yolks every day for breakfast and is asking for more when she gets home from school. She's averaging about 7 eggs a day and she's had NO ASTHMA THE ENTIRE WINTER. She did one day, but it was a day when she was tired of the eggs and hadn't had any for two days.

My friend wrote a song about 'the little things' that make life worth living and I just couldn't be happier that my kid can eat eggs. Tryptophan, selenium, iodine, B12, Vitamin D, hooray! Her color is brighter and her energy greater, but most of all, she's out-running the boys at recess.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fall Creek Falls

Escape to Fall Creek Falls.... spent the weekend hiking and picnicking on the rocks, overlooking the waterfalls. I love moss covered rocks and the damp, cool air that fills your lungs. I think I would shrivel and die without entering the forest at least every few days.

We built fairy houses, and uncovered unicorn fossils. So magical...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

the silent evolution

Beautiful imagery of an underwater sculpture garden by jason de caires of cancun. These images reflect my mood today. Kind of a quiet, introspection with more than a bit of dreams look like this...

Friday, February 11, 2011

baby bird video

babybearshop from diana lussenden on Vimeo.