Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ode to a white egg....

Starting from the age of 19 and for the next 15 years, I was very strictly vegan and mostly raw, without paying attention to my nutritional levels to the point that I was a chronic insomniac deprived of vitamin B. I would sit at dinner with friends and stubbornly refuse to eat because the Tom Kha was made with chicken broth and there were no options. It didn't matter if I had been traveling for days and was starving. I was a purist and an extremist on what I put in my body. Now as a mother of two, I can barely remember any time to be so concerned with myself. I happily lap up the crusts of sandwiches left behind and delight in a missed berry or two. Whatever a kid doesn't eat is called 'lunch for mama'. I'm sure many mothers can relate to this.

I didn't eat eggs and I still tend to get squeamish sometimes with eggs. When winter hits hard and the farms have no eggs, I can't buy them from a store. I'm not usually particular, but a store egg truly makes me gag. If the yolk isn't dark dark orange, there is no way I can eat it. I've become a bit of a snob and can eat from only 3 local biodynamic and organic farms. There are many others in TN but I'm serious about my eggs.

Our family eats a minimum of 12 DOZEN eggs a week. We get them from various biodynamic and organic farms and I honestly believe my daughter no longer has asthma because I began feeding her large amounts of natural vitamin D in the form of egg yolks. She is highly allergic to egg whites and I have a routine down of washing the whites from the yolk and feeding her four eggs for breakfast that are almost raw. If I cook it too much, she will not eat it. I think your body tells you what it needs. She begs me for eggs in the morning and after school and has not had asthma since I started saturating her with Vitamin D.

Eco Tone Farm is so wonderful that they will deliver to my door whenever I send them an email. The eggs are a stunning array from white to brown to BLUE. I am so happy to eat a blue egg that I can't stand it.

My then 8 year old daughter, on the other hand, was not impressed with anything except the WHITE egg:

"Oh, mommy! Look! A WHITE EGG!"
"mmm hmmm"
Later that day, she says "Mom, did you eat that white egg yet?"
I said "No, I don't think so."
The next day she says" You didn't eat that white egg, did you? Can I have it???"
Finally, I said 'What is your deal with the white egg? You act like you have never seen a white egg before."
She says, " I haven't!!! Why, have YOU????"

I love this story because we live in the city and the kid has never seen a white egg!