Wednesday, November 17, 2010

winter pink sauerkraut

Thought I'd share a little something brewing on my counter top today. This is sauerkraut made with (organic, biodynamic) napa cabbage and turnips that are pink inside. I like pink vegetables as there's a better chance the little ones will eat them. My Polish and German background makes sauerkraut a staple around my house and since I discovered Sandor Katz's 'Wild Fermentation' in 2003, I have been fermenting various somethings, round the clock. He does workshops in my area frequently and I've enjoyed being part of them. My kitchen always looks like a science lab. Fermenting (live cultured) foods makes them more nutritious and more easily digestible and its origins are as old as humanity. I find it especially beneficial for my daughters with allergies because it builds immunity, especially in the digestive tract.

To prepare sauerkraut, simply chop cabbage finely and throw it in a wide mouthed jar with some salt as you go. You can also add seaweed, grated turnips, kale, carrots etc. Pack it in firmly and put a weight on it. A plate that fits inside followed by something heavy on top of that. I use a jar or a glass full of water. The weight squeezes the juice out of the cabbage and brings it to the top. This is called the brine. As long as the cabbage dwells under water, and doesn't hit the air, it will ferment nicely. Keep it covered with a towel and taste it every few days until it's just the way you like it. You can also drink the juice as a digestive tonic or use it to start a new batch.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

a very peaceful spirit

shot by my dear friend, mark, who shoots all the beautiful images I use for babybearshop.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Monday, November 01, 2010

Guest Blogger: Sarah Byrn

I am an 18 year old activist for animal rights and ironically I grew up on a cattle farm. You don't have to be born into your passions, like me. I was born where animals are raised for food and now I am a longtime vegetarian. Though there will be many chances for you to develop new passions, this one starts with knowing what goes on behind the packages, behind the product and in the lab. I am hoping to ignite the same passion I share with BABYBEARSHOP in the people I meet and even those I don't get to meet.

Animals are vulnerable against humans, as we are a comparatively powerful species and sometimes lead ignorant lifestyles, resulting in agonizingly inhumane practices. Due to this blunt negligence of rights, animals often endure massive amounts of pain and suffering. To help raise awareness, I am conducting a project in which I am holding a seminar at my school for teenagers and their familes to come and learn about the rights of animals and how those rights are being abused in the cosmetic industry. I am collecting cruelty-free products and literature that will help me to help others achieve a head start to their new cruelty-free beauty routines. I will follow up with a petition and letter that I will send to companies who practice cosmetic animal testing. In pursuing support for this project, I found BABYBEARSHOP: a human, animal, and environmentally friendly company. The founder of, I have learned over the course of a week, is a giving, supportive and motivational person. BABYBEARSHOP has signed the cruelty free pact and is part of Peta's cruelty-free company list. Now -- after describing my project and goal to BABYBEARSHOP, the company has agreed to help me with my project by donating 64 of their USDA certified organic lip balm in vintage recyclable tins that are cruelty-free and go by the name All The Better To Kiss You With. Out of all the companies I called and e-mailed, they were the quickest to respond and most helpful overall. As a young activist, I could not be more pleased with this company's direct action to achieve a cruelty- free world, and their support gives me tremendous drive to accomplish the most I can.