Monday, June 28, 2010


We visited a natural goat dairy farm yesterday in spite of my daughter's (goat/cow's) milk allergy. We like to visit the source of our food and especially local and organic farms in the area. However, to truly see and understand where your food comes from, can sometimes be a hard lesson to swallow. The farm was clean and nice, the goats were lovely, and the kids had fun, but I'm still pondering something they said that is common to the dairy industry.

They separate the goat babies from their mothers and don't allow them to nurse. Instead they milk the mama goats with a machine that straps their heads tightly into place and then pasturize (!) the milk and return it a tank with twelve nipples on it. They then allow the babies to drink the pasturized milk but 'limit' the amount they get so the babies don't drink all the milk that is to be their profit from the cheese. This also prevents disease the babies 'might' get from drinking their mother's milk. Hmmmm.....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

biodynamic csa

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Farm

As I listen to the crickets outside my window, I'm reminded that last summer at this time, I was having dinner with Ina May Gaskin, and the midwives, at The Farm. I did a medicinal plant workshop for a week, with Wendel Combest, a Ph.D, who holds three degrees; one in botany, one in pharmaceuticals and one in herpetology. We identified plants, harvested them, macerated, distilled, steeped, and infused them into an apothecary of potions to cure all ills and to beautify the spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed this visit and vowed to return to the Farm at my every opportunity. I've been told that if you intend to live there, you must visit three times to even be considered. I now have four visits under my belt for the day when all hell breaks loose. You just never know. Besides, I revel in the experience my children get from creeks that are crystal clear, tadpoles that are plentiful and water you can drink from the tap.

Contrary to most of my friends, I had never read 'Spiritual Midwifery' by Ina May until after I'd had two natural water births. I was living in the UK for my first baby and wasn't familiar with the book. My knowledge of birth is largely UK based as this is where I absorbed all the information I could get my hands on. By the time I'd had my second, at home, (and in the US), I wasn't looking for guidance from books, I was looking for sleep! Still, to be in the presence of Ina May, even if you don't know a thing about her, is highly intimidating. I could feel that I was in the presence of Eileithyia, goddess of childbirth. Her aging, frail exterior contradicts her hot, often trashy, little mouth in a way that made me hesitate to ask any of the questions I thought I'd reserve for her. I'm just not used to little ladies using the 'c' word quite so freely. I quietly savored the locally grown, organic arugula and listened curiously.

This recent trip was with one of my girlfriends and four of our little girls to just get away, catch frogs, and to pick up several bottles of home-brewed blueberry wine from my friend, Deb, the yoga teacher and founding member of The Farm. We stayed at the eco-village and decided to truly rough it by forfeiting our second room and opting for a true slumber party. We weren't counting on the brown recluse sightings to terrify the little ones and force all six of us into one king size bed but it happened. There were so many kids in the bed that I got out and wandered through the house, trying to find something to eat. Instead I happened upon Nate from SF, a journalist, who is writing a book comparing home birth to hospital birth, breastmilk, raw milk and all the nuances of nutritional trends; Weston Price, Sally Fallon etc. Ahhhh... my favorite topics. I could've talked for a week straight but he was watching Ina's birth videos as reference and my friend and I were mesmerized watching breech birth after breech birth (at very close focus) for the next three hours. Had I seen such things before I gave birth, I'm not sure I would've been so brave. So, a year later, I share a little bit of love from the love commune...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

karen elson, supermother

Karen's debut album, The Ghost Who Walks, is truly as breathtaking as Karen is in person. Mother, supermodel, singer, writer and performer, she really does it all and is a goddess to behold. She is all love and she's loving living the (gothic) fairy tale life.

Here's what Karen has to say about BABYBEARSHOP:

"I discovered baby bear shop while I was pregnant with my second child and I was instantly sold. The philosophy struck a chord with me and the products were by far amazing. When I tried the lip balms I was equally smitten. In today's world we are offered so many choices yet some products claim to be 'natural' and in fact have a whole world of chemicals hidden inside them. Baby Bear Shop does not. Its not only safe for your skin but the most sensitive child. They are made by mothers with a commitment to create high quality and ethical products ground up. "All the better to kiss you with" are delightfully packaged and smell and feel heavenly. This is a luxury product for a thoughtful consumer."—Karen Elson, supermodel, mother of two, singer and wife to jack white

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Guacamole Chocolate Pudding

This recipe is from Mothering Magazine. I secretly delight in hiding all things green into all things my kids eat. I saw this recipe and mixed up a batch. My five year old walked in just as I was adding the avocado. She loves avocados but couldn't decide if she was eating guacamole or chocolate pudding and couldn't let herself enjoy it. Her sister, on the other hand, despises avocados, but couldn't be more thrilled with having 'chocolate pudding' for a late breakfast.

1 avocado
1/2 banana
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup cocoa powder
Blend all until smooth, rich and creamy. Eat at room temp or put in the fridge to eat cold. Enjoy.

camping out with the girls

Summer nights...catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows, getting chigger bites and eating sweet peas straight from the garden.

Monday, June 07, 2010

cheeky baby butter for eczema

Some recent praise for the use of cheeky baby butter in soothing eczema and other related skin conditions:

"My son was born with eczema, and a nightly slathering of cheeky baby butter has eliminated the rough, dry patches on his arms and legs"-Jessica Thuston, Features Editor, Southern Living Magazine

Cheeky Baby Butter has really helped to clear up my eczema on my heels. Also use on my hands at nite. Love it!!!! —Carolyn, Kentucky

The Cheeky Baby Butter is simply amazing. I'm a nurse with very dry hands. This product is a dream that soothes and restores my hands and skin. LOVE IT!—KB, Seattle

The cheeky baby butter works miracles for my son's eczema! It disappears instantly, nothing else works this fast!—

Cheeky Butter is the only product that soothes & reduces my daughter's eczema. It smells delicious and there's nothing harmful in it. Pure goodness.—stephanie

The product, Cheeky Baby Butter, REALLY helped my grandson with his eczema!! His mother was excited to see how quickly and well it worked on him. Anything to give my grandbaby relief!!—joanna

I am so thankful for the baby bear shop. Their cheeky baby butter is the only product I've found that I works effectively on my children's skin. And it is safe and smells so good —Yankeechick

Sunday, June 06, 2010

A fair bell-flower
Sprang up from the ground,
And early its fragrance
It shed around;
A bee came thither
And sipped from its bell;
That they for each other
Were made, we see well.