Thursday, June 10, 2010

karen elson, supermother

Karen's debut album, The Ghost Who Walks, is truly as breathtaking as Karen is in person. Mother, supermodel, singer, writer and performer, she really does it all and is a goddess to behold. She is all love and she's loving living the (gothic) fairy tale life.

Here's what Karen has to say about BABYBEARSHOP:

"I discovered baby bear shop while I was pregnant with my second child and I was instantly sold. The philosophy struck a chord with me and the products were by far amazing. When I tried the lip balms I was equally smitten. In today's world we are offered so many choices yet some products claim to be 'natural' and in fact have a whole world of chemicals hidden inside them. Baby Bear Shop does not. Its not only safe for your skin but the most sensitive child. They are made by mothers with a commitment to create high quality and ethical products ground up. "All the better to kiss you with" are delightfully packaged and smell and feel heavenly. This is a luxury product for a thoughtful consumer."—Karen Elson, supermodel, mother of two, singer and wife to jack white