Monday, June 28, 2010


We visited a natural goat dairy farm yesterday in spite of my daughter's (goat/cow's) milk allergy. We like to visit the source of our food and especially local and organic farms in the area. However, to truly see and understand where your food comes from, can sometimes be a hard lesson to swallow. The farm was clean and nice, the goats were lovely, and the kids had fun, but I'm still pondering something they said that is common to the dairy industry.

They separate the goat babies from their mothers and don't allow them to nurse. Instead they milk the mama goats with a machine that straps their heads tightly into place and then pasturize (!) the milk and return it a tank with twelve nipples on it. They then allow the babies to drink the pasturized milk but 'limit' the amount they get so the babies don't drink all the milk that is to be their profit from the cheese. This also prevents disease the babies 'might' get from drinking their mother's milk. Hmmmm.....