Monday, June 07, 2010

cheeky baby butter for eczema

Some recent praise for the use of cheeky baby butter in soothing eczema and other related skin conditions:

"My son was born with eczema, and a nightly slathering of cheeky baby butter has eliminated the rough, dry patches on his arms and legs"-Jessica Thuston, Features Editor, Southern Living Magazine

Cheeky Baby Butter has really helped to clear up my eczema on my heels. Also use on my hands at nite. Love it!!!! —Carolyn, Kentucky

The Cheeky Baby Butter is simply amazing. I'm a nurse with very dry hands. This product is a dream that soothes and restores my hands and skin. LOVE IT!—KB, Seattle

The cheeky baby butter works miracles for my son's eczema! It disappears instantly, nothing else works this fast!—

Cheeky Butter is the only product that soothes & reduces my daughter's eczema. It smells delicious and there's nothing harmful in it. Pure goodness.—stephanie

The product, Cheeky Baby Butter, REALLY helped my grandson with his eczema!! His mother was excited to see how quickly and well it worked on him. Anything to give my grandbaby relief!!—joanna

I am so thankful for the baby bear shop. Their cheeky baby butter is the only product I've found that I works effectively on my children's skin. And it is safe and smells so good —Yankeechick