Monday, March 29, 2010

Ode to the After School Smoothie

I love smoothies. The smartest and sneakiest way to stockpile extra nutrition into your kid when they don't even realize it. The smoothie should vary according to what is on hand and should change colors like the rainbow. Always give it an appetizing, color and fruit specific title for extra magic... like Fruity Patootey or Pea Pea Surprise.

My children have never had a milkshake,smoothie or popsicle that did not contain Secret Kale or Secret Spinach. WHY NOT? Hide it everywhere you can. My girls are very healthy little eaters, but one can never overdose on Green- is my motto.

Ours are always dairy- free due to allergy, so please adapt with organic, local, raw milk/yogurt if you so desire.

Rice Milk (Hemp milk is yummier and healthier)
Soy Yogurt (not too much estrogen)
Handful of organic frozen sweet green peas
Handful of organic mixed frozen berries
Agave or raw honey
Bee pollen
Flax Oil
optional: Hemp protein powder or seed

I hadn't added frozen peas before and wasn't sure about their shells, but this was met with 'yum!'
My photo is not so great, but Monday's are very busy days.