Monday, September 28, 2009


My goodness, our feature in Southern Living magazine has sure put our Cheeky Baby Butter on the map. We've had reviews in VOGUE UK, and Martha Stewart Living, and Mothering Magazine etc, but nothing has compared to the response we've had to this article. One of the features editors tried it out on her 1 yr old and wrote:

"Butter is definitely the right name for this thick and creamy lotion. My son was born with eczema, and a nightly slathering has ELIMINATED the rough, dry patched on his arms and legs"

This one sentence, I believe, has contributed to the several hundred jars we are selling off our little known website, per day. The phone calls and emails of mothers and grandmothers calling us to thank us for healing the skin of their little ones has just broken my heart. They cry on the phone with me as they tell me how the little one scratches until they bleed and how nothing else has worked for them. Tired as I am, it keeps me going and reminds me why I started the company in the first place. We have done an unbelievable amount of business in the last month and I am amazed at how many people struggle with their skin.

I can't begin to give medical advice, but I have been through this situation and it's the reason I developed this product. We control our personal situation, not with any medications, but with food. For your skin to be inflamed, it starts within. I've said this a million times, but I'll say it here. What you are eating, aggravates your intestines BEFORE it shows on your skin. Yes, our cheeky baby butter will soothe and yes, I have hundreds of testimonials now that it is doing its job, but please have a look at your baby's diet. Try eliminating cow's milk for 2 weeks and see what happens. This means ALL milk proteins including casein and whey. You must read labels as even alternative cheese such as rice and soy all contain casein, lactose and whey. There is one brand that does not, but it's not so yummy. Try nutritional yeast as a very healthy substitute that is a rich source of B vitamins. I put ours in a spice bottle and let the girls 'add sprinkles' and they do. They love it. One more point to mention is a popular 'natural' personal care line uses lactoperoxidase as a preservative. This is a milk enzyme. It makes my child want to tear her skin off. Do not use it during your two week elimination test.

Keep careful food diaries and don't eat in restaurants. Our family never eats out. If we do, we bring our food.
After the two weeks are up, try wheat. Eliminate all wheat. Do your research and read labels.

Try this and you will likely see results. You can continue on with soy, fish, nuts, eggs, etc. (one at a time!)
I would also recommend not using fabric softener and not using any detergent found in any mainstream grocery store- no matter how 'pure' they claim it to be! It's not. We use Ecover brand, and we use it for the whole family, as residual washing powder remains in the machine. Your child is likely sensitive to fragrance as well. You can buy it at Whole Foods.

I would suggest no soap in the bath for awhile, gently patting dry of the skin and application of cheeky baby butter. If you must, we also have a new very mild soap you can try, our baby bird soap. I am using it on my face and have fallen in love with it.

We've done all this and have gone from the most shocking rash you can imagine, to porcelain skin and no eczema again in her life. Seven years have passed. It's ALL diet.

Please write to me and let me know your results :