Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunny Side Up.

Just a little note of gratitude to the universe. This company was created out of a need for products that were pure to use on my infant daughter who has multiple food allergies. For the last 6 years, we've been through it all, but over the last month I suddenly had an intuition to test egg with her. We live on a highly restricted diet and don't take any chances, but in spite of her allergist telling me not to try egg, I felt like it was time. I tested minute amounts over the last month and waited weeks in between.

For Sunday breakfast, instead of pancakes, I pulled out our eggs (biodynamic from the farm, of course). The request was for Sunny Side Up. I arranged our favorite flowery plates with loads of organic berries and my daughter held her breath.

I was all tears when her little hands went into prayer position as she asked God to help her eat this egg. This is a terrifying experience for a kid with allergies to suddenly try something forbidden for so long. This could have made her very sick.

She had no reaction and was able to eat an entire egg!

It may sound mundane to you, but it's a sunnier world for us.