Thursday, March 05, 2009


Let me just preface this post by saying that I'm quite innately very anti- barbie. Even as a child, I had not one barbie. I envied the girls with the little closets full of outfits on little tiny plastic hangers, the little stilettos, the dreamy boy in the pink corvette... all of it.

I wasn't a deprived child, my parents just didn't believe in what barbie stands for. I made it through my whole life without ever having one. My mother was the really cool kind that put 'please no presents' on my birthday party invitations. Let me tell you, in the mid-seventies, this was not cool.

Today, I get it. My girls have not one plastic toy. We obviously don't support barbie in her less than realistic display of humanness. I only accept the invitations to parties that let us bring towels for the local animal shelter as gifts. Yes, we 'get' it. All of it.

I'm minding my own business when cnn pops up to say that barbie now has tattoos and some moms are really upset. However, what I absorb from the article is that there was also a controversial PREGNANT barbie. A barbie whose tummy pops open to reveal a fetus. A FETUS?!! Where have I been? I love this! We can play home birth!

So, I looked it up on ebay kinda thinking that this strange phenomenon is just one of those things I must own- like the Madonna book. You know which one.

My birthday's coming up, so I BOUGHT IT. Don't tell my husband. It was only 7x what a barbie should cost and I already said I've been anti-barbie since birth.

The other thing I really want is an original SPIROGRAPH.

ps. Couldn't resist posting this other barbie that was for sale on ebay.... hello! would you like YOUR hips on backwards?! I mean, obviously, someone else's mom put 'please no presents' when they were little. Clueless. ; )

pss. I'm looking at this again and I can't decide if the legs are on backwards?