Thursday, March 12, 2009

1, 4-dioxane and formaldehyde in baby shampoo and wash

To find out what's in the products currently in your bathroom, go to They recently sent 48 mainstream baby washes and shampoos to be tested and found formaldehyde and 1, 4-dioxane in 82% of them in brands such as Huggies, Johnson & Johnson and Sesame Street.

This is the REASON behind BABYBEARSHOP. Years ago, when we first learned of Johnson & Johnson and how they used to put a numbing agent in their NO TEARS baby shampoo, a lightbulb went off and a flurry of research began. We are only concerned with making products we would use on our own babies. We haven't made a baby wash yet because there hasn't been the availability of ingredients that are pure enough to meet our standards. Late summer we will finally be releasing one!

Our products are made in USDA certified organic laboratories which require complete segregation from chemicals such as these. They are made in separate buildings and there is no risk for contamination of ingredients.

Our labels claim 100% plant-based ingredients and that's all there is.