Friday, December 12, 2008

oh, pretty abecedarius....

the peaceful, albeit incongruous, menagerie of animals real and imagined romp through the pages of this book based on the shaker abecedarius.

i love the bits of pious wisdom speckled along the book in 3pt text. remember being 7 yrs old, writing 'if you can read this, i'm your best friend' in the tiniest handwriting you could muster? well, this book offers devout shaker wisdom to the parents who subliminally receive its message as the children are busy seeking out the declared animals illustrated in the most lovely seventies style...

a man of kindness to his beasts is kind
brutal actions show a brutal mind

this is an emblem of my love.
receive it from my little dove.

come gather under my wings of peace.

a peaceable kingdom, and you can get it for 0.50!