Thursday, November 13, 2008

All people have abilities.

BABYBEARSHOP gives back to the community in many ways. One way is by utilizing the Rochelle Center to do our assembly on products that have to be hand-assembled. Rather than go to China to have everything mass produced, we choose to manufacture our products in USDA certified organic facilities in the USA. We created the first organic products at three different chemically-laden labs and encouraged them to create separate dedicated organic spaces within their warehouses that were free of traditional preservatives used in all mass-market body care.

After manufacturing, we then take them to the Rochelle Center to be assembled into their packaging, into cases, gift wrapped, etc. The beauty of the Rochelle Center is the people. I frequently am visiting there as I am overseeing projects such as our All The Better To Kiss You With® Holiday Kiss Kit.

The Rochelle Center creates opportunities for people with developmental or physical disabilities that might otherwise by unemployable. It empowers them with a feeling of self-worth, of independence, and the opportunity to acheive their goals. Every time I enter I'm barraged with smiles and helpful hands. Most communities have this type of organization and need to begin utilizing them as a means to build their communities both financially and socially.

Rochelle follows this set of values that are a good model:

All people have abilities.
All people should be treated with dignity and respect.
All people should experience dignity of work, personal growth consistent with his/her abilities/interests, and support in living in an inclusive environment.
All people enjoy rights and privileges and assume personal responsibilities of those freedoms.
All people are interdependent. We all depend upon one another.
Cultural diversity and differences are valued.