Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tagless Tags causing chemical burns in infants

Years ago I was sitting in a naturopath's office and the first thing he did upon initial exam was to cut the tag out of my infant child's top and mine while he was asking questions about her birth. She was too little to display aggravation from the tag, but a little research showed most are made from some form of PVC. Because it's at the base of a neck, the chemicals can be absorbed and they are not safe. Many baby lines now don't use tags and instead print with plastisol inks or pvc based inks and apparently babies are having extreme reactions to the chemicals if the process isn't cured properly.

I just found shocking photos here

Reactions are being documented from Carters, Target brands Circo and Gerber.

I don't see why the sleeve can't have a paper tag and no identification whatsoever inside the garment. I am constantly removing tags and then the cut is more itchy than the tag itself. For newborns, I would line the baby with an organic onesie and not let these inks touch their skin or look for lines that use plant based inks.