Saturday, March 22, 2008

All The Better To Kiss You With, my dear!

My dear friend Sally at greyfinch is telling me that I should blog more. goes nuffin'.....

! We have launched in 28 locations now of Nordstrom in their new Well Beauty Section. This is an organic and all natural beauty bar and we are thrilled to see department stores going green. Stop by to try some 'All The Better To Kiss You With' Chai Mandarin, Lavender Vanilla or Pepperminty certified organic lip balm. Our truly organic products (the only one Nordstrom carries that is certified organic) are made in the usa, use recyclable packaging, and we plant a tree with every order to offset carbon emissions. Visit all the better to kiss you with if you don't have a Nordstrom in your city.

***Read your labels!**** Everyone is using the word 'organic' now on chemical formulations and using only one or two organic ingredients. The only way to know what you are getting is to read the label. If you see a USDA certified organic logo ( as seen on our lip balm) you are guaranteed the product is tracked from seed to finished product and uses no chemicals.

Avoid all products using methylparaben and propylparaben as they are being linked to breast cancer. I thought everyone knew this, but, I'm horrified that new skincare lines (even those created by doctors) are still using parabens AND phenoxyethanol/antifreeze ( just pick one cancer-causing ingredient, if you must- you don't need to use ALL of them!)

Additionally, why do they think it's necessary to make soap and then make a lotion and put them both in the bathroom together? Why even produce a soap that strips your hands so much that it's imperative to follow with lotion? Why are we accustomed to this? The soap should be mild enough to not dry out your hands. Imagine what it's doing to your baby in the bathtub!

Visit safecosmetics to rate the products in your bathroom cabinet. You'll be surprised!